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2012 Police Department Awards Program

May 15, 2012 - Chief Brad Keil presented the following awards to staff and community members during the awards ceremony at the City Council meeting:

Valor Award

Officer Nick Stroik

On October 4, 2011, Brandon Johnson went to his estranged wife’s apartment, got into the attic and crashed through the ceiling into her apartment. Johnson was armed with a loaded shotgun and threatened both his estranged wife and a friend who was also present. A downstairs neighbor heard the commotion and notified the police, but was unaware that Johnson was armed. Sgt. Terry Hanson and Officer Nick Stroik were the first officers to arrive. They knocked on the door. Johnson answered the door and pointed the shotgun in the direction of the officers. Officer Stroik ordered Johnson to drop his weapon several times, pulled out his service weapon and fired three shots, striking Johnson twice. This ended the threat to the officers and the occupants of the apartment.

The actions by the Middleton Police employees that night reflect the highest obligation of a law enforcement officer; serving mankind by safeguarding lives and protecting the innocent.

Officer Nick Stroik received the Valor Award, the first ever given to a City of Middleton Police Officer. This award is reserved for acts of bravery beyond the employee's basic duty which subject the employee to a high risk of serious injury. It is clear from those present and those reviewing this case that Officer Stroik’s actions were significant in preventing injury or death to the occupants of the apartment and responding officers. Nick has been a member of Middleton PD since 2008.


Pictured above is Chief Keil presenting Officer Stroik with the Valor Award


Exceptional Performance Award

Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema

On June 27, 2011, at 2:36 AM, Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema answered a wireless 911 call from a 39 year old male who was suicidal. He immediately broadcast the initial information to the officers and continued to update them throughout the incident.

The caller was driving in his vehicle on US Hwy 12 and was initially quite reluctant to tell Dispatcher Hoeksema where he was. Through careful questioning during this 11 minute phone call, Dispatcher Hoeksema was able to determine that this caller had a loaded .45 caliber handgun with him, the gun had a bullet in the chamber and was sitting on the seat next to him.

Dispatcher Hoeksema convinced the caller to exit Hwy 12 as soon as possible so that help could locate him. He convinced the caller to put the gun in the glove box of the vehicle and place his hands out the driver’s door window so that the situation could be handled in the safest way possible. He then continued to stay on the line with the caller while officers arrived, set up and then completed their high risk stop.

Throughout the entire conversation, Dispatcher Hoeksema was empathetic and calming to the emotional caller.

It was learned later that this subject had attempted to use his handgun to end his life previously that same evening. He had placed his gun to his head and pulled the trigger, only to find out there was not a bullet in the chamber. He had remedied this prior to getting in his vehicle and dialing 911. If not for Dispatcher Hoeksema’s actions, this caller may have succeeded in harming himself.




Life Saving Award

Officers Mike Ash and Tom Wilson

On Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 6:43 PM, Officer Mike Ash and Officer Tom Wilson responded to a residence on Glacier Ridge Road for a 65 year old male who was unconscious and in convulsions. While enroute, dispatch advised that the patient had ineffective breathing. Upon arrival, Officer Ash and Officer Wilson recognized that the patient was a pulse-less non-breathing patient and quickly began giving CCR (cardio-cerebral resuscitation).

Middleton Paramedics reported that on their arrival, officers were doing CCR and obtaining information about the patient’s actions leading up to the medical emergency. Paramedics report that with the officers’ assistance, they were able to get the patient breathing again. The patient was subsequently released from the hospital on his own.

Officer Ash and Officer Wilson’s quick, decisive actions, directly contributed to the saving of a human life.

Pictured at left is Officer Tom Wilson.








Significant Anniversaries

5 years: Officer Kim Wood and Dispatcher Brian Lary
10 years: Officer Jill Tutaj and Records Clerk Janelle Zimmerman
20 years: Sgt. Terry Hanson and Officer Dave Kasdorf
25 years: Officer Mike Ash
30 years: Dispatcher Barb Van De Loo

Pictured left to right: Mayor Kurt Sonnentag, Officer Nick Stroik, Sgt. Terry Hanson, Records Clerk Janelle Zimmerman, Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema, Officer Tom Wilson and Chief Brad Keil

Middleton Good Neighbor Awards

 Brock Emden and Kurt Spahn

On July 26th, 2011, officers were dispatched to a disturbance involving a subject with warrants and a history of fleeing on foot from officers. As officers responded the suspect fled in a vehicle that was abandoned in the backyard of a nearby residence. Middleton PD received numerous calls from citizens about the suspect running along properties near Lake Mendota. The suspect was confronted by an officer as he ran between houses on Mendota Dr.

An officer was able to engage the suspect in a foot pursuit as the suspect ran westbound along the lake shore. At the same time Brock Emden and Kurt Spahn were fishing from a pier at a residence along the lake. Without hesitating or being asked to assist, both Brock and Kurt placed themselves in a position to assist. Brock and Kurt not only saw the route the suspect took but they saw that the officer had reached a point where the shoreline ended at a rockwall.

Due to the height of the wall, the officer was unable to climb up and continue after the suspect. Brock and Kurt pulled the officer up the wall and pointed out the path the suspect had taken to the officer.

Due to the assistance of Brock and Kurt and the information provided, the suspect was caught and taken into custody by officers a short distance away. If not for the assistance of Brock and Kurt it is unlikely that the suspect would have been apprehended so quickly.


Les and Sue Dorscheid

On August 28, 2011, Les and Sue Dorscheid were walking in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy when they were approached by two distraught girls, ages 11 and 12.  The Dorscheids calmed the girls down and learned that someone had exposed himself to them.   They then walked the girls to their grandmother’s house, a few blocks away.  The Middleton Police were contacted and a suspect was arrested just 11 minutes after the call.

Investigation revealed that Marcus Singleton, a 28 year old from Middleton had lured the two girls off the path, photographed them and exposed his genitals to the girls.  The girls were able to run away and luckily ran into the Dorscheids.

Sue Dorscheid testified at Singleton’s trial, helping to verify the victim’s testimony, emotional state of mind and the time frame.  Singleton was found guilty on two counts of Child Enticement, a class D felony.

Without Les and Sue Dorscheid’s quick response and willingness to follow through in courtroom testimony, Singleton’s immediate apprehension and conviction would have been considerably more difficult.


Mary Maricris-Rocero

On February 17, 2012, at 1:30 AM, two 5-year old boys snuck out of their residence on Maywood Avenue and began looking for an open store. They were outside for some time and became lost.

Mary Maricris-Rocero spotted the boys near the McDonald’s on Century Ave. and was concerned for their welfare due to their age and late hour.

She picked them up and brought them to the Police Station. The boys were lectured and turned over to their parents.




Roz Craney, Principal Northside Elementary School

On Friday, March 9, 2012, Middleton PD investigated a domestic related stabbing which resulted in critical injuries to the male victim and the arrest of the female suspect. The couple’s daughter was a student at Northside Elementary school and was waiting for her mother to pick her up.

When the school was notified of the situation, Principal Craney showed great compassion to the girl. He brought her to the Police Station until she was picked up by her grandparents and waited with her so that she would have a familiar face to be with during this stressful time in her life.

Principal Craney’s actions made this less of a traumatic experience for the girl and freed up a police officer who would have otherwise had to wait with the girl.



Tweet-Along program launched during Police Week

Click here to take our "Tweet Along" follow up survey

May 7, 2012 - Communities across the United States will come together during National Police Week, May 13-19, to honor and remember those law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as the family members, friends and fellow officers they left behind.

This year, the names of 362 officers killed in the line of duty are being added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC.

The names of all 362 fallen officers nationwide will be formally dedicated on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC during the 24 th Annual Candlelight Vigil on the evening of May 13, 2012. People across the nation can experience this unique and powerful ceremony via webcast live over the Internet beginning at 7pm on May 13. To register for this free online event visit


To kick off Police Week locally, we will be offering our first ever virtual ride along with officers of the Middleton Police Department. This Tweet Along” will take place on Monday, May 14 from 3pm to 11pm. During this time the Police Department will give citizens a virtual behind-the-scenes look at the daily operations of the Police Department. Our Social Media Manager will be “tweeting” on our Twitter page and “posting” on our Facebook page information about calls for service and police activity. We hope to provide community members with an idea of the types of calls that we respond to daily and welcome comments and questions. To join this event, simply “follow” us on Twitter and “like” our Facebook page by going to and clicking on the Facebook and Twitter buttons.  

We will also honor officers and citizens at an awards ceremony at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30pm at City Hall. Earlier this year, Officer Nick Stroik was given the first ever Medal of Valor awarded a City of Middleton officer after he was involved in a shooting in which his response and split-second decision not only saved his life, but the life of a fellow officer and two citizens.

Captain Noel Kakuske

MIPD Officers Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®

May 5, 2012 - Middleton Police Officers Kim Wood, Kathleen Riffenburg, Julie Normann and Jill Tutaj participated in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event in downtown Madison to raise awareness of domestic abuse. They were team "Ladies in Blue" and they raised $250 to support domestic abuse awareness.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® was a fun opportunity to educate the community about a very serious subject and to rally the community to take action to prevent domestic violence. Proceeds from the event will benefit Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS), UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence and Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WCADV).


Officer Ziegler Graduates Police Academy

On May 4, 2012, Steven Ziegler graduated from the 13-week Police Academy at Blackhawk Technical College. Steven excelled academically at the academy, finishing as the Top Shot in his class and he was the recipient of the Terry Fell Leadership award.

Pictured above (left to right) are Chief Keil, Sgt. Hanson, Officer Ziegler, Captain Kakuske and Captain Foulke, who attended the graduation ceremonies.

Steven is back at Middleton PD as of Monday May 7, beginning Field Training. He will be paired with veteran Field Training Officers for at least four months before going on solo patrol.

Steven is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and was previously employed by Barnes and Noble as a Book Seller and Security Personnel Incorporated as a Loss Prevention Specialist.


New Police Officer Sworn In

Steven Ziegler has been hired to serve as a Police Officer for the City effective Friday, February 3, 2012.  Steven will leave for 13 weeks to attend the Basic Recruit Academy and return for Field Training in about 13 weeks.

Ziegler is a resident of the City of Madison and a graduate of the University of North Dakota, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Ziegler most recently worked for Barnes and Noble as a Book Seller and for Security Personnel Incorporated as a Loss Prevention Specialist. 

Welcome Officer Ziegler!

Pictured at left is Officer Ziegler receiving his badge and Law Enforcement Oath of Honor from Chief Brad Keil.






2011 Police Officer Retirements


On 12/01/11, Officer Donna Hamilton retired from the Middleton Police Department. Donna had been with the Department since 2002 and prior to that had been an officer in Arroyo Grande and Bakersfield, California.


On 12/16/11, Officer Rob Engelhart retired from the Middleton Police Department. Rob had been with the Department since 1988 and was an officer with the Watertown Police Department prior to that.

Both Donna and Rob will be missed by their friends and co-workers at the Department. CONGRATULATIONS & BEST WISHES!

Officer Cesar Salinas Graduates Police Academy

December 13, 2011 - Officer Cesar Salinas graduated from Fox Valley Technical College on Friday, December 9. Pictured left to right are Captain Noel Kakuske, Officer Cesar Salinas, Captain Chuck Foulke and Chief Brad Keil.

Salinas was hired in September and is a Madison area native who studied Criminal Justice at MATC and Upper Iowa University and most recently was a security guard at a local hospital for several years.  Salinas will now be assigned to field training with Officer Jill Tutaj. 

Officer Salinas can be reached at 608-824-7300 or by email at

Pacific Cycle Donates Police Bikes

September 7, 2011 - Pacific Cycle Outdoor Recreation Products, headquartered in Madison, recently donated two brand new Schwinn Frontier mountain bikes to be used for our Police Bicycle Officer Program. 

Pictured at right are Chief Brad Keil and Officer Tom Wilson accepting the bikes from Alice Tillett, President of Pacific Cycle.





New Police Officer Sworn In

September 6, 2011 - We are excited to announce and welcome our newest Police Officer, Cesar Salinas, to the Middleton Police Department. 

Salinas was sworn in today by Assistant City Administrator John Lehmann with fellow co-workers, family & friends in attendance. 

Salinas is a Madison area native who studied Criminal Justice at MATC and Upper Iowa University and most recently was a security guard at a local hospital for several years.  Salinas will now attend the Police Recruit Academy and start field training in December. 

Welcome Officer Salinas!

(Pictured at left: Officer Salinas with Captain Noel Kakuske)


Veteran Detective retires; Officer promoted

After 29 years of dedicated service to the City of Middleton Police Department, Detective Craig Faga retired on June 4, 2011.

Craig is one of the most well liked, highly respected officers at the Middleton PD, both with people he works with and people he works for. Craig spent most of his career as a Detective, working on most of the critical, high profile cases.

Not only was Craig a skilled investigator and interviewer, he was a talented evidence technician and one of the best forensic sketch artists in the midwest.

Craig will be missed and we wish him only the best!!


Officer Dan Jones was recently promoted to Detective to fill the vacant position from Faga's retirement.

Officer Jones joined the department in 2002. In 2008, Jones was assigned to the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force, a group of Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement officers assigned to investigate drug trafficking and gangs in Dane County.

Jones initiated an investigation which resulted in federal charges of distributing crack cocaine and possession of 5 grams or more of crack cocaine with intent to deliver.

After returning from the Drug Task Force, Officer Jones was the lead investigator on a number of significant cases.

Congratulations and besh wishes to Detective Dan Jones!

Badger Motor Officers donate golf outing funds to American Family Childrens Hospital

On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Middleton Police Department Motor Officer Mike Wood, along with colleagues from the Badger Motor Officers Association presented a check for $5,000 to the American Family Childrens Hospital. The funds were raised during the 1st Annual Badger Motor Officers Association golf outing last week.

The Badger Motor Officers, based out of Madison, Wisconsin, is an organization of Motor Officers from Madison area law enforcement agencies, including the Middleton Police Department, City of Madison Police Department, Fitchburg Police Department, Shorewood Hills Police Department and Dane County Sheriffs Office. You can find out more about the organization at

See more pictures here.

Officers participate in 2011 Madison Mud Run

On May 15, 2011, Middleton Police Officers participated in the 2011 Madison Mud Run. The Madison Mud Run, which raises money for local charities, is a challenging 4.6 mile run with hills, water crossings, tire obstacles, 5 foot wall climbs, tunnel crawls, inflatable obstacles and the famous “mud pit.”

Officer Scott Moen & Sergeant Jeremy Geiszler
Detective Kim Wood
Officer Julie Normann & Paramedic Kevin Gruber
Officer Mike Wood

Photos provided courtesy of Clint Thayer of Focal Flame Photography.

2011 Middleton Police Department Awards

In recognition of National Police Week, which is May 15 to 21, 2011, the Middleton City Council issued the following Proclamation during the City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011. Chief Brad Keil also presented the following employee and citizen awards in a ceremony during the City Council meeting.

National Police Week

Whereas, The Congress and President of the United States have designated May 15 as Peace Officers' Memorial Day, and May 15 to 21 as National Police week; and
Whereas, the members of the Middleton Police Department play an essential role in safeguarding the rights and freedoms of our community; and
Whereas, it is important that all citizens know and understand the duties, responsibilities, hazards, and sacrifices of their law enforcement agency, and that members of our law enforcement agency recognize their duty to serve the people by safeguarding life and property, by protecting them against violence and disorder, and by protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression; and
Whereas, the men and women of the Middleton Police Department unceasingly provide a vital public service;
Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that that the City of Middleton, calls upon all citizens of Middleton and upon all patriotic, civic and educational organizations to observe the week of May 15 to 21, 2011, as Police Week in which all of our citizens may join in commemorating law enforcement officers, past and present, who, by their faithful and loyal devotion to their responsibilities, have rendered a dedicated service to their communities and, in so doing, have established for themselves an enviable and enduring reputation for preserving the rights and security of all citizens.
We Further Call upon all citizens of the City of Middleton to honor those law enforcement officers who, through their courageous deeds, have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community or have become disabled in the performance of duty, and let us recognize and pay respect to the survivors of our fallen heroes.

This resolution was adopted by the Middleton Common Council on May 3, 2011.


Detective Kim Wood
On March 1st, 2010, Kimberly Wood was assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau as the rotating second shift detective. Detective Wood spent the first three months of this fifteen month assignment with members of the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force.

During the remaining twelve months of this appointment, Detective Wood has been serving as a general assignment detective. Upon her return to the ISB unit, Detective Wood hit the ground running with a case load of eight new cases and two long term drug investigations.

During the year that Detective Wood has been assigned to the ISB unit she was the lead investigator several significant sexual assault cases, a kidnapping, an armed home invasion, financial crimes and several dozen drug investigations. Detective Wood has drafted and executed six drug related search warrants that have resulted in multiple felony charges. These warrants include the seizure of a marijuana grow operation on Amherst Road and the arrest conviction and deportation of the “Mayor of Middleton” for selling cocaine from his residence on Pondview Court.

Detective Wood consistently produces a level of activity that exceeds established standards. Detective Wood has approached her year of service as a detective with great enthusiasm and has produced some of the most significant department arrest in 2010.

Kim has been a member of Middleton PD since 2006.



Dispatcher Keith Cleasby

Keith is an excellent Dispatcher for the Middleton Police Department, currently working the 11AM to 7:00 PM shift.

Approximately one year ago, Keith volunteered to administer the department’s website. Keith turned a functional website into a very well designed, user friendly site which uses the latest web tools such as Facebook (278 people like the site), Twitter (215 followers) and recently added a Middleton Police YouTube channel.

This enables the Department to get critical information out to the citizen’s of Middleton and the area, as well as receiving information from the people we serve.

Keith is constantly looking for ways to better the website and Middleton PD has received compliments from other law enforcement professionals on the quality of the website.

Keith has been with the department since 2008.



Detective Craig Faga
Craig began his career with the Middleton Police Department on GNF Parade Sunday in 1982.

Craig recently announced his retirement, effective June 4, 2011. Craig will be missed in many different ways.

Craig is one of the most well liked, respected officers at Middleton PD, both with people he works with and people he works for.

Craig has spent most of his career as a detective, working on most of the critical, high profile cases faced by Middleton PD in the last 3 decades. Not only is Craig a skilled investigator and interviewer, he is a talented evidence technician and one of the best forensic sketch artists in the mid-west.

Craig will be missed and we wish him only the best!





5 years: Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema (6/2/2005), Officer Travis Kakuske (8/17/2005), Officer Matt Sherry (4/17/2006)

15 years: Court Officer Lynn Endres (7/10/95)

25 years: Sergeants Barry Reynolds (2/10/1986)

Pictured (left to right): Chief Brad Keil, School Resource Officer Travis Kakuske, School Resource Officer Matt Sherry, Court Officer Lynn Endres, Sgt. Barry Reynolds and Mayor Kurt Sonnentag (not pictured: Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema).


Terry Bowen
On September 14, 2010, around 11:40 PM, Middleton resident Terry Bowen was returning home. As he turned on to Nightengale Lane, he saw two men acting suspiciously. One man was inside a pickup and another man, on a bicycle, seemed to be acting as a lookout.

Terry turned his car around and the man on the bicycle pedaled away. Terry called the police and followed the man on the bicycle, updating the dispatcher as he went. Police officers were able to locate the man riding the bicycle and take him into custody. They determined that his companion had indeed broken into the pickup truck. The man in the pickup truck was picked up a short time later.

Investigation revealed that the two men were from Chicago and had arrived in town about 10 days earlier and were staying at an acquaintances home. During that time, Middleton PD experienced a sharp rise in theft from vehicle cases. Police searched the home and recovered numerous items stolen from area cars. It is believed the men broke into in excess of 30 vehicles during that time. The two men were booked into the Dane County jail on numerous counts of Burglary, Theft, Trespass and drug related offenses.



Barb Roe
Barb is a member of the Middleton Volunteers in Policing. She is an active participant, volunteering at the GREAT graduation ceremony, GNF mini-parade and St. Luke’s turkey give-away.

For the past two years, Barb has assisted the department greatly in helping put the department annual report together.

She volunteered over 32 hours in 2010 and 38 hours in 2011 putting together a professional looking report.
Barb is also a graduate of the Middleton Citizen’s Academy.



John Stevenson
On July 3, 2010, shortly before noon, John and his wife were driving westbound on University Avenue in Middleton. They observed a vehicle in front of them being driven in an erratic manner. John observed the vehicle rear-end another vehicle in the 7100 block of University Avenue.

The vehicle continued on at a slow rate of speed, crossing the centerline and going into the oncoming traffic lane. John exited his vehicle and ran up and alongside the still moving vehicle. He observed that the driver was unconscious.

John managed to steer the vehicle on to the terrace of University which caused it to stop moving. He then reached in and turned off the vehicle.

The operator of the vehicle was arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated and Hit and Run. His blood alcohol concentration was .241, over three times the legal limit.


SCAM ALERT: "Storm Chasers"

POSTED: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 --- 1:12 p.m.
After Hail Damage Watch for “Storm Chaser” Scams

MADISON – The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection reminds victims of this past Sunday night’s hail storm to use caution when hiring a contractor to fix any damage caused by Mother Nature. “Storm chasers follow the path of a major storm, going from home to home to pressure victims into paying up front for quick repairs,” said Sandy Chalmers, Administrator of the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection. “Do your homework before hiring anyone for home repair.”

Sometimes these storm chasers arrive on scene shortly after the storm, collect money up front for promised repairs, and then disappear without doing any work. In other cases, the contractor starts the work and then asks for more money than the agreed upon price to finish the project. Home repair contractors are not licensed by the State of Wisconsin, as required in other trades such as plumbing; however, state law does impose a registration requirement for contractors through the Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

“That registration does not guarantee a contractor has any actual knowledge or experience in home repair,” added Chalmers. “Storm chasers are typically from out-of-state and swoop in after a natural disaster or storm. They have little or no background in home repair, and charge high prices for shoddy work.”

Consumer Protection offers these timely tips:
· Be wary of any contractor who knocks at your door. Call the police or sheriff’s department to check them out.
· Try to get a local contractor. Ask contractors if they are subcontracting your job. Be careful if local contractors are using outside subcontractors.
· Get lien waivers from anyone you pay for home repairs. It is necessary to do this because if the person collecting the money doesn’t pay the supplier or worker, a lien could be put on your property.
· Get a written contract, with a start and completion date, and warranty information. Also make certain the contract states exactly what work is to be done, what materials are to be used, and if a down-payment is required. Never rely on verbal commitment.
· Contractors that register with the state are issued a card. Make sure any contractor you are considering hiring shows you their state registration card.
· Have someone watch the work being done. Ask your local building inspectors to visit your job site often.
· Request a copy of the contractor’s certificate of liability insurance.
· Check with the Bureau of Consumer Protection and Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints on record against a contractor you are considering.
· For more consumer information, or to file a consumer complaint, visit the Bureau of Consumer Protection's website at; via e-mail at; or call toll-free at 1-800-422-7128.

Vehicle Security Report Card

In an effort to help prevent the on-going rash of thefts from vehicles, the Middleton Police Department will begin randomly checking vehicles and placing a courtesy “Vehicle Security Report Card” on vehicles. This is not a ticket and there is no need to contact the Police Department if you receive one, it will simply be marked if your vehicle PASSED or FAILED based on susceptibility to thefts. Theft from vehicles is an all too frequent property crime that is very easy to prevent.

This form simply serves as a reminder to:

  • Lock your vehicle
  • Conceal valuable property from plain view
  • Close your garage door at night
  • Contact the Middleton Police Department at 824-7300 if you see any suspicious persons or activity

Middle School Students Complete G.R.E.A.T. program

About 350 students and family members attended the sixth grade G.R.E.A.T. graduation at Kromrey Middle School recently. G.R.E.A.T. is Gang Resistance Education & Training and is taught by Officer Matt Sherry. With prevention as its primary objective, the program is intended as an immunization against delinquency, youth violence, and gang membership.

Officer Sherry would like to say 'Thank you' to everyone who braved the snowy roads to make it to the G.R.E.A.T. graduation. "It's very important to your students who have worked hard in class. 'Thank you' to the teachers who let me come into their classrooms and teach G.R.E.A.T and to the students for being good participants and learners. 'Thank you' to Chief Keil for being supportive of the G.R.E.A.T. program being taught in the Middle School and for the continued support in doing whatever is needed to make G.R.E.A.T. work."


"Thank you for everyone who has donated money to our Community Awareness fund. Without your contributions, this graduation would not have been possible. Finally, 'thank you' to the Volunteers In Police Services members for helping serve food. Your help is greatly appreciated."

New Officer Starts at Middleton PD

Barrett Erwin began his Law Enforcement career with the Middleton Police Department on Tuesday December 8, 2010. Barrett is a native of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. He comes from a family with law enforcement background. His father is a retired detective with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and his mother is a Circuit Court Judge in Jefferson County.

Barrett is a 2002 graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Political Science and History. Barrett’s wife Debra is a lawyer, working for the State of Wisconsin Public Service Commission. Interestingly, her parents also have a law enforcement background. Her father is a Circuit Court Judge in Washington County and her mother is an Assistant District Attorney.

Barrett is now in Phase I of Field Training. He will be assigned to Field Training with various Field Training Officers for at least four months before going on solo patrol. He will be mentored and on probation for 18 months.

Barrett (center) is pictured being sworn in by City Clerk Lorie Burns as Chief Keil looks on.

Texting While Driving Law

Effective December 1st, 2010, the State of Wisconsin has enacted Assembly Bill 496, a ban on texting while driving. The fine for this violation in the City of Middleton will be $101.40 and 4 points.

This new law, covered in Wisconsin State Statutes 346.89(3), states that "no person may drive any motor vehicle while composing or sending an electronic text message or an electronic mail message." The law excludes times when the vehicle is stopped, including the exclusion when the vehicle is stopped at a traffic light, stop sign, or in traffic due to congestion. For the purpose of this law, “Drive” means the exercise of physical control over the speed and direction of a motor vehicle while it is in motion.

The pre-existing federal motor carrier prohibition on texting, applies to operation of a commercial motor vehicle, whereas - no driver may “operate” a CMV while texting. In-motion is not a required element in this case. For the purpose of definition in this case, “Operate” means the physical manipulation or activation of any of the controls of a motor vehicle necessary to put it in motion.

This subsection does not apply to any of the following:

1. The operator of an authorized emergency vehicle.

2. The use of any device whose primary function is transmitting and receiving emergency alert messages and messages related to the operation of the vehicle or an accessory that is integrated into the electrical system of a vehicle, including a global positioning system device.

3. An amateur radio operator who holds a valid amateur radio operator’s license issued by the federal communications commission when he or she is using dedicated amateur radio 2−way radio communication equipment and observing proper amateur radio operating procedures.

4. The use of a voice−operated or hands−free device, if the driver of the motor vehicle does not use his or her hands to operate the device, except to activate or deactivate a feature or function of the device.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How will enforcement be accomplished?
• Answer: Officers must develop a reasonable and articulable suspicion that a driver is texting before initiating a traffic stop.

Is there a grace period?
• Answer: The Middleton Police Department will be implementing a 30-day grace period, December 1st to December 30th, generally issuing written warnings rather than citations for violations of the state’s ban on texting. As in all enforcement situations, officer-discretion affords unique circumstances to dictate some exceptions in the issuance of citations, rather than warnings during this period.

Is the texting ban the same as Inattentive Driving?
• Answer: Officers have always been able to take enforcement action for Inattentive Driving. That has not changed. Officers observing unsafe driving where the driver is so engaged as to interfere with that driving, have and will continue to initiate traffic stops and take the appropriate enforcement action under State Statute 346.89(1). Interference with safe driving is an element of Inattentive Driving. It is not for the texting ban. The action of texting alone is sufficient.


bw patch  

Middleton Police Department 
               7341 Donna Drive Middleton, WI 53562           

Brad Keil - Chief of Police

The Middleton Police Department would like its residents to know that we have now implemented a new standardized method of handling speeding complaints.

The procedure will be as follows:
a) A citizen can either fill out an online complaint form (via or call the Middleton Police Department to make the complaint.
a) The complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor/officer for review. The employee will log each complaint and track the department’s response to those complaints.
b) If a determination is made to collect speed data for the area named in the complaint, the All Traffic Solutions' Speed Sentry Shield (speed data boxes) will be deployed for at least one week.

a. The data will be analyzed.
b. The supervisor/officer will determine how best to proceed based on the analysis.
c. Depending on the data received, implementation may be as follows:
i. No problem noted = no deployment
ii. Minor problem noted = deploy speed trailer. Possible follow up with data boxes for analysis.
iii. Problem noted = deploy officers. Data boxes will be deployed after a brief reprieve in order to determine if deployment had an impact on speeds.
d. The supervisor/officer assigned to coordinate the complaint process will report the results to the complainant, the neighborhood officer, the City Alderperson for the area and to department command staff.

We look forward to working with our citizens to resolve any concerns they have. If you have further questions you can contact Sgt. Darrin Zimmerman at 608-824-7326 or email at

NOVEMBER 10, 2010

Check Fraud Scheme

Beware of a new twist on an old scheme. Fraud artists (criminals) are sending checks along with a congratulatory letter stating that the recipient has been chosen to be a “mystery shopper.” The check and accompanying mystery shopper form all appear to be legitimate.

They request that the new mystery shopper cash the check and make purchases at Lowes, Wal-Mart and Western Union. They are told they get to keep the purchases. They are then to complete the shopper form and return it within 48 hours along with the Western Union money order.

However, the check is fraudulent and if the recipient does what they are asked, they will be out the entire amount of the fraudulent check.

As always if something sounds too good to be true…it probably is.

Officer David Kasdorf
Community Awareness Officer

Click here for a sample of the fraudulent "mystery shopper" paperwork and checks that are being recieved.

Middleton Officers Participate in Madison Mud Run

On Sunday, October 31, a team of four Middleton PD Police Officers participated in the 2010 Madison Mud Run in Verona. Pictured below left to right are participants Sergeant Darrin Zimmerman, Sergeant Jeremy Geiszler, Officer Kathleen Riffenburg and Officer Scott Moen. The event, which raises money for local charities, included a challenging four to five mile run with hills, water crossings, tire obstacles, wall climbs, tunnel crawls, hay bale obstacles, inflatable obstacle courses and the famous “mud pit." More information about the event can be found at

More pics here

Final MedDrop Makes Way for Permanent Drop Box at Middleton PD

News Release
Contact: Mike Davis, City Administrator, 821-8350

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, the City of Middleton hosted its fourth and final MedDrop event at the Middleton High School. Because of the enormous success of the Middleton MedDrop events, the Middleton Police Department is installing a permanent MedDrop box in the lobby of their new building at 7341 Donna Drive. While this is the last MedDrop collection event for the city of Middleton, MedDrop events will continue at other locations around Madison.

MedDrop allows residents to dispose of unused prescription and over the counter medicines, which keeps these medicines out of the hands of youth and protects the environment from improper disposal. On October 2, the Middleton MedDrop location had over 617 cars between 9am and 1pm, and collected a total of 1,334 pounds of medicine (1,221 pounds of non-controlled substances and 113 pounds of controlled substances).

The permanent MedDrop box at the Middleton Police Department is scheduled to be open by November 1. To be notified when the permanent MedDrop box is available and to be notified of other City sustainability events, sign up on the City website: for the Gov Delivery E-Subscription Service updates for ‘Sustainability/Environmental Education’ under the heading for News. You may also check the MedDrop website at:

MedDrop is sponsored by the Madison Patient Safety Collaborative and its healthcare members:

● Dean Health System ● Group Health Cooperative of SouthCentral Wisconsin ● Meriter Hospital ● St. Mary’s Hospital
●University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics ● University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation ● William S. Middleton VA Hospital

When it comes to keeping kids safe, education is prevention!

Thanks to event participants and the following exhibitors and sponsors for another successful Family Safety Day in Middleton on Saturday, September 18: Canopy Center, City of Middleton, Dane County Humane Society, Dean Foundation, Gatekeepers, Genesis Chiropractic, Harbor Athletic, Healthy Home, Independent Living, J. Campana & Associates, MG&E, Middleton EMS, Middleton Fire, Middleton High School, Middleton Police, Nanny Connections, Oompa Toys, PPD, Safe Kids Coalition, Summit Credit Union, Swim West, The Little Gym, United Way – 211, West Bend Mutual Insurance and Willy Bikes

Special thanks to NBC15
Special thanks to John Oliver at West Bend Mutual for the following videos and photos:

Oompa Toys display
Birds eye view in the Fire Department
Obstacle course fun!
Obstacle course fun!

Middleton Fire truck display

Free car seat check sponsored by Dean Foundation
Free car seat check sponsored by Dean Foundation

Seatbelt Safety with Officer Kasdorf

Car seat checks

Identity Theft Prevention from J. Campana & Assoc.

Aquatic Safety from Swim West

Practice calling 911

Backpack Awareness with Genesis Chiropractic

Official Safety Day Mascot??

West Bend Crock Pot Safety display

Spot the Tot demonstration

Kids enjoying the obstacle course!


New Police Department & Court Information

The Middleton Police Department and Municipal Court have moved. Note the following new contact information:

Middleton Police Department
7341 Donna Drive
Middleton, WI 53562
24-hour non-emergency (608)824-7300
Fax (608)833-9990
Tipster Line (608)824-7304

Middleton Municipal Court
7341 Donna Drive
Middleton, WI 53562
Phone (608)824-7370
Fax (608)833-9995

Click the image at right for a photo tour of the new facility ---->




Middleton Officers Participate in the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics

On June 10, Officers from the Middleton Police Department joined their colleagues in Dane County in running the local leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics began in 1981 when Wichita, Kansas Police Chief Richard LaMunyon saw an urgent need to raise funds for and increase awareness of Special Olympics.

Wisconsin’s Torch Run kicked off in 1986 and is the largest grass-roots fundraising vehicle for Special Olympics, held in all 50 United States, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, and 35 nations, involving more than 85,000 law enforcement participants from all over the world.

The Torch Run invites participants from civic groups such as law enforcement, corrections, fire departments and military groups along with their families to take part. The Final Leg originates from more than 30 different kick-off points in early June each year to converge in Stevens Point for the annual State Summer Games.

In 2009, the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Torch Run received the Diamond Level of Excellence for raising more than $1 million. Wisconsin’s Law Enforcement Torch Run is the fifth highest grossing program in the world. In 2009, the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Wisconsin raised more than $1.8 million with more than 1,000 registered participants representing 170 law enforcement agencies. The 2010 results are not available yet.

Middleton Officers who participated (left to right): Detective Craig Faga, Detective Sgt. Steve Britt, Officer Jill Tutaj, Captain Chuck Foulke, Sgt. Jeremy Geiszler and Detective Kim Wood.



2010 Middleton Police Department Awards

The Middleton Police Department celebrated National Police Week by awarding and recognizing employees and citizen’s for outstanding work. The awards were presented to the recipients in front of the City Council on May 4, 2010. This year’s award winners:

Outstanding Service Awards

 Detective Craig Faga: Detective Faga has been recognized by his work mates, law enforcement peers and prosecutors as a highly talented investigator, police sketch artist and evidence technician. Law enforcement in Dane County recognized the need to standardize response to major criminal cases. Craig was picked to be on the committee to come up with “best practices” for major case responses. This committee, made up of Dane County prosecutors, law enforcement supervisors and investigators, put together a response manual and held a 3 day training session. Craig was responsible for putting together the forensic evidence portion of the manual and was one of the main instructors for the training. The response for the Major Case training class was so great; it had to be held at two separate times, with over 150 law enforcement officers attending.

Unfortunately, Detective Faga had to put these skills to work in December, when he was part of the investigative team which investigated a quadruple homicide of two adults and two infants.

Craig has been a member of Middleton PD since 1982.

Officer Dave Kasdorf: Dave is the Community Awareness Officer, in charge of all proactive programs in the department. Dave has put together a dedicated group of 35 active volunteers, called VIPS (Volunteers in Police Services). Through Dave’s leadership, the VIPS have helped the police department and community tremendously in the last year and a half. VIPS assist the police department in a variety of ways, including special events, weather radio sales, recruit testing, Speed Watch, Safe Assured ID and more. Other proactive programs that Dave is involved in are: Stop and Seat, SCAN (police department partnering with the Senior Center), Speed Watch, Safe Assured ID, Middleton Business Watch, Pedestrian Flag Crossing, Citizen’s Academy (which is on hiatus this year due to budget constraints), National Night Out and Shop with a Cop.

Dave has been with the Department since 1991.


Middleton Good Neighbor Award

 Steve Leo: Steve has served on the Middleton Common Council since 2004, representing District 8. He decided not to seek another term in the recent spring elections.

Steve was an active member of the Council, a member of the Conservancy Lands Committee, Finance Committee, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Committee, Public Safety Committee and License and Ordinance Committee. Steve was well known for his legendary tongue lashing of individuals or licensed premises that violated alcohol laws. Steve has been an unwavering proponent for a well funded, well staffed, well outfitted and well trained police force and will be missed by the members of the Middleton Police Department.



Special Recognition

The Middleton Police Department and Municipal Court recently moved into the new facility on Donna Drive. This project, which was years in the making, could not have been done without the assistance and expertise of the Mayor, Common Council members, citizens and employees. Special recognition goes to the following:

 Elected/City Officials:

Mayor Kurt Sonnetag, Council members Howard Teal, Paul Kinne, Gurdip Brar, Jim Wexler, Susan West, Hans Hilbert, Steve Leo, retired Council members Bill Hoeksema, Rob Conhaim and Andy Lewis, City Administrator Mike Davis and retired Financial Director Tim Studer.


Building Committee:  

Mayor Kurt Sonnetag, Chief Brad Keil, Sergeant Steve Britt, Eileen Kelly, Tony Peterson, Ed Elskamp and James Lagro.


Evidence bar-coding, purging and moving team:

Captain Kakuske, Lynn Endres and Janelle Zimmerman


Information Technology:

 Todd Forman and Drew Montour



Tom Adler and Sgt. Barry Reynolds


Fitness Center:

Sergeant Troy Hellenbrand



Officer Greg Dixon


Keeping everything straight:  

Ann Ziltner


Significant Anniversaries: 

5 years: Susan Buechner (3/8/2005)

10 years: Darrin Zimmerman (5/27/1999), Ken Smith (5/16/2000)

20 years: Patty Faust (11/13/89)

25 years: Linda Kessenich (4/1/85)

35 years: Don Mueller (4/7/75)


Sergeant Britt Graduates from FBI National Academy

pictured above (L to R): Captain Foulke, Sgt. Britt and Chief Keil

Middleton Police Sergeant Steven Britt graduated from the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia, on March 19.

Law enforcement officers from 49 states, the District of Columbia and 21 other countries attended the National Academy’s 240 th session. The class had 253 graduates.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller II was the main speaker at the graduation ceremony. Middleton Police Chief Brad Keil and Captain Charles Foulke attended the ceremony to congratulate Sergeant Britt on his accomplishment.

The academy offers 10 weeks of advanced investigation, management and fitness training for selected officers. On average, participants have 19 years of law enforcement experience. They usually return to their agencies to serve in supervisory or executive-level positions.

Training at the academy was provided by FBI instructional staff, special agents and other experts. The training, travel, food and lodging were provided by the FBI.

Sergeant Britt is a native of Middleton. He has worked for Middleton Police for 17 years, prior to that he was a Trooper for the Montana Highway Patrol for 6 years. Sergeant Britt is in charge of the Investigative Services Bureau which includes Detectives, School Resource Officers and Proactive Programs.

Chief Keil and the Middleton Police Department Training Team have made supervisory training a priority. Two other Middleton Police Department members, Chief Keil and Captain Foulke, have attended the FBI National Academy. Captain Kakuske, Sergeant Hellenbrand and Sergeant Hanson have attended the ten week Northwestern University School of Staff and Command and Sergeant Reynolds has attended the ten week Wisconsin Executive Development Institute.


Officer Ken Smith Returns to Middleton PD from Iraq

Officer Ken Smith, a 10 year veteran of the Middleton Police Department, returned to work in March after being deployed in Iraq. Officer Smith is a Sergeant in the 32 nd Military Police Company based out of Milwaukee. Officer Smith left the Department in January of 2009, first being sent to Fort Bliss Texas for training, then to Kuwait, then to Baghdad, Iraq. Officer Smith returned to the States in January of 2010 and was welcomed back to Middleton PD in March. Officer Smith is currently working Patrol on the 3 rd detail, 11P to 7A.


Sgt Hanson graduates from Staff and Command School

On November 13, 2009, Sergeant Terry Hanson graduated from Northwestern University’s 289th class of Police Staff and Command. The ten week school was held in Sun Prairie, WI. The class consisted of 25 students from 16 departments from south central Wisconsin. The School of Police Staff and Command is an intensive ten-week program that prepares law enforcement managers for senior positions by uniquely combining academic principles with practical applications. Sergeant Hanson’s staff study research paper was on the feasibility of the department going from eight hour to twelve hour shifts.

Graduation ceremonies were held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madison and included a luncheon and key note address by Terrance Gainer, the United States Senate Sergeant at Arms. Attending the ceremony from Middleton PD were Chief Keil and Lieutenants Kakuske and Foulke. Also in attendance was Terry’s wife Leanne.

Terry will now come back to work as the 3rd detail shift commander.

Pictured from left to right: Lt. Foulke, Lt. Kakuske, Sgt. Hanson and Chief Keil


Department welcomes new officer Julie Normann

Police Chief Keil welcomes new officer Julie Normann

Officer Julie Normann joined the Middleton Police Department on Monday, October 5, 2009. Officer Normann grew up in the Grafton, WI area and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement and a minor in Spanish from Concordia College. Officer Normann graduated from the Fox Valley Technical College Police Academy in April of 2009.

Officer Normann will be in Field Training for four months and on probation for eighteen months.

The addition of Officer Normann brings the police force up to the authorized strength of 36 officers, although Officer Ken Smith has been deployed to Iraq and is not expected to return to duty until the Spring of 2010.

On October 7, Officer Normann was sworn in as a police officer by City Clerk Trish Amble. She is shown in the accompanying picture receiving the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor plaque from Chief Keil. The swearing in ceremony was attended by Officer Normann’s family, friends, members of the police department, city staff and elected officials.


2009 Middleton Police Department Awards


5 years: Mike Wood (3/24/2004) and Brad Keil (5/1/2004)
10 years: Troy Hellenbrand (2/8/99)
15 years: Steve Britt (7/12/93)
20 Years: Greg Dixon and Jerry Raffel (4/24/1989)



Middleton Police Department Field Training Team: Sgt. Terry Hanson, Officers Rob Engelhart, Greg Dixon, Jerry Raffel, Rich O’Connor, Donna Hamilton, Jeremy Geiszler, Mike Wood and Travis Kakuske.

The Field Training Team is tasked with the important duty of training newly hired officers to be Middleton Police Officers. The officers they train range from highly trained and experienced veteran officers who have transferred to Middleton PD, to officers who just graduated from college and have no police experience. Field Training lasts an average of four months, with constant supervision after that for the duration of the time they are on probation (18 months). The Field Training process is intense, both for the new officer and the trainer. In 2008, the Middleton Field Training Team trained three officers who are well on their way to successful law enforcement careers and will be training at least four new officers in 2009.



Jerry Raffel 

Jerry has been a Middleton Police Officer since 1989. Jerry was the School Resource Officer for Middleton High School for 3 years, ending his assignment last June. Jerry has been a positive role model for the youth of the community, not only as an SRO, but also in his role as an Assistant Basketball coach for Middleton High School and youth football coach. Since returning to patrol, Jerry has worked proactively in the community and joined the Field Training Team.




Jill Tutaj 

Jill became a Middleton Police Officer in 2001 and is currently wrapping up a successful 3 year tenure as the School Resource Officer at Kromery Middle School. Jill has worked effectively with students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents of students in the elementary schools, the middle school and the high school. Jill has truly touched many lives. Jill is also to be commended for her work in organizing and participating in Shop With a Cop, Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run, and volunteers for Meals on Wheels.







Dan Jones 

Dan joined the Middleton Police Department in 2002. In the summer of 2008, he was assigned to the Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force, a group of Federal, State, County and Municipal law enforcement officers assigned to investigate drug trafficking and gangs in Dane County. Webber, as he was nicknamed in the drug unit, initiated an investigation which resulted in an indictment of Donita J Thomas in US Federal Court. Thomas has been charged with six counts of distributing crack cocaine and one count of possession of 5 grams or more of crack cocaine with the intent to deliver. Thomas faces a maximum sentence of 40 years.

Although the drug unit wanted Dan to stay with them, he came back to Middleton PD and has been the lead detective on a number of significant cases since his return.








Linda Kessenich

Linda has been a Records Clerk with the Middleton Police Department since 1985. Linda’s quest for excellence has lead to a records management system that is the envy of other departments because if its accuracy and lack of repeat entries. Linda’s typing and grammatical skills make us all look good. Linda has worked closely with Global Records, the records management system used by Middleton, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie and Verona PD’s and is a member of the user group committee which advises the company on upgrades and improvements.

Linda is also a volunteer for Meals on Wheels.







Tom Adler and Gwen Ruppert 

Both Tom and Gwen are part-time Dispatchers for Middleton PD. Tom has been with the department since 1985 and is a full time Lieutenant with Madison Fire Department. Gwen has been with Middleton PD since 1991 and is a full time detective with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department. Part time dispatchers have a challenging role to fill:  the shifts are often short notice, odd hours, and have to somehow mesh with the full time jobs and ‘free time’ in their lives.  One of the biggest challenges for a part time dispatcher is the ever changing domain of the communication center.  Technology is constantly changing, personnel is added, the city is growing, the center is getting busier and often times the shifts they work are separated by days or weeks.  Yet, Tom and Gwen remain steady dedicated dispatchers, and are eager to help when needed. 






 Jeremy Geiszler, Travis Kakuske and Matt Sherry: Jeremy was promoted to Sergeant, effective July 1. Travis was assigned to Middleton High School as the SRO and Matt to Kromery Middle School, effective next fall.





Mark Kruck: On July 19, Mr. Kruck was in his yard when he observed a vehicle slow down and the driver throw something out of the car into his yard. Mark discovered that it was a purse and notified the police of his observations and a description of the car. A nearby police officer stopped the car. He discovered that the purse had recently been stolen from a woman at the Middleton Library. Mr. Kruck’s willingness to get involved, and his accurate description of the vehicle and direction of travel was most instrumental in getting the victim her purse and contents back and the charging of the person responsible for taking it.


Karen Strandt-Conroy: Karen is an Associate Principal in charge of Student Services at Middleton High School. Karen has always been a supporter of the police and School Resource Officers, an invaluable ally. Karen acts as the liaison between the police department and the schools, reserves rooms for the police department for training and meetings, has been on interview panels for new officers and promotions and was an inaugural member of the Middleton Police Department Citizen’s Academy in 2005.





SRO Jeremy Geiszler and MHS Nurse Lisa Foster: On January 5,Middleton High School Teachers Aid Patrick Fitzgerald collapsed in a classroom. Both SRO Jeremy Geiszler and MHS Nurse Lisa Foster were summoned to the room. Lisa arrived first and determined that Fitzgerald was not breathing and did not have a pulse. She began CPR and was then joined by SRO Geiszler. Jeremy assisted Lisa by performing chest compressions while Lisa continued rescue breathing. After approximately two minutes, Fitzgerald began breathing on his own and sustained a pulse. Fitzgerald made a full recovery and has returned to work.

Dr. Peter Karofsky and Tyson Hall: On April 18, Bob Pigorsch was playing tennis with his granddaughter at the Middleton High School tennis courts when he collapsed. His family determined that he was not breathing and did not have a pulse and called 911. Tyson Hall was in the Middleton High School parking lot, volunteering his time with the Kiwanis Service Club, collecting re-usable medical supplies. He was talking to his cousin on his cell phone. His cousin, a Middleton Firefighter, told him about the heart attack call. Tyson ran over to the tennis courts and began CPR. Dr. Peter Karofsky arrived at the tennis courts to play and saw that CPR was being performed. He assisted Tyson and they performed two person CPR until the Paramedics arrived. Mr. Pigorsch survived the heart attack with no long term effects. The emergency room doctors told the family that he would not have survived except for the quick actions of Tyson and Dr. Karofsky.



Census Takers in Middleton

Starting Monday, April 20, 2009, the US Census Bureau will have census takers working in our community for about the next eight weeks.  The census takers will be going door-to-door collecting household data, verifying addresses and asking about additional living quarters on the premises.  The census takers can be identified by official Census Bureau identification badges with their names on them and Census Bureau equipment bag and they will be utilizing handheld computers to record the data.  Census takers will never ask for bank or social security information. 

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the census takers, citizens should contact the police department at 827-1000.  For more information, visit

Census Workers in Middleton

New Officer Jesse Sellek Sworn In

On April 21, Middleton Police Department’s newest police officer was sworn in at a ceremony at the Middleton City Hall. Jesse Sellek comes to us from Henderson Nevada where he served as a Patrol Officer with the Henderson Police Department. He is a graduate of Western Illinois University where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. Jesse grew up in Northern Illinois and has family there and in the Madison area. The swearing in ceremony was attended by Jesse’s family, and Middleton employees and elected officials. Jesse is shown in the accompanying picture being congratulated by Chief Keil and Mayor Sonnetag.

The addition of Officer Sellek brings Middleton PD up to its authorized strength of 36 sworn officers, although Officer Ken Smith has been deployed to Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard for the year.

Selleck Swearing In Ceremony

New Police Department Ground Breaking Ceremony

On Tuesday, April 7 the Middleton City Council approved a contract with Ideal Builders, Inc. for construction of a new police station and municipal courthouse on Donna Drive. The $7.86 million facility is slated for completion in 2010. On Thursday, April 9, city officials met for a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new station, which will be near the corner of Donna Drive and Parmenter Street.

Police Ground Breaking Ceremony

Two New Officers join the Department

On Monday, April 6, 2009, two new officers joined the Middleton Police Department.

Kathleen Riffenburg joins the Middleton Police Department by way of the Bakersfield Police Department, where she was an officer for over six years. Prior to her employment at BPD, Kathleen was a Naval Corpsman and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Hawaii. Kathleen has relocated to the Middleton area with her 12 year old son, Micah.

Scott Moen was born and raised in LaCrosse and is a 2005 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Scott has worked for the Whitewater Police Department for two years prior to coming to Middleton.

Both officers are beginning their four month Field Training program and will be on probation for eighteen months.

Officers Riffenburg and Moen are shown in the accompanying photo reciting the Law Enforcement Oath of Office, administered by Chief Keil. The officers were sworn in on Tuesday, April 7 as their friends, family, co-workers and elected officials looked on.

Swearing in Ceremony for Moen and Riffenburg

Sgt Hellenbrand graduates from Staff and Command School

On November 14, 2008, Sergeant Troy Hellenbrand graduated from Northwestern University’s 270 th class of Police Staff and Command. The ten week school was held in Janesville, WI. The class consisted of 30 students from 26 departments from south central Wisconsin. The School of Police Staff and Command is an intensive ten-week program that prepares law enforcement managers for senior positions by uniquely combining academic principles with practical applications. Sergeant Hellenbrand’s staff study research paper was on the feasibility of setting up a traffic enforcement team for Middleton Police.

Graduation ceremonies were held at the Janesville Holiday Inn conference center and included a luncheon and key note address by Madison Police Department Chief Noble Wray. Attending the ceremony from Middleton PD were Chief Keil and Lieutenants Kakuske and Foulke. Also in attendance was Troy’s wife Lori and son Jordan.

Troy will now come back to work as the 2nd detail shift commander.

Pictured in the attachment from left to right: Chief Keil, Lt. Kakuske, Sgt. Hellenbrand and Lt. Foulke

From left to right - Chief Keil, Lt Kakuske, Sgt Hellenbrand and Lt Foulke

Jessica Quamme joins the Middleton Police Department

On November 5, 2008, Jessica Quamme began employment with the Middleton Police Department. Jessica grew up in De Forest, WI and graduated from De Forest High School in 2000. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies and a Criminal Justice Certificate. Jessica has been employed by the Shorewood Hills Police Department for the last three years.

Jessica was sworn in as a police officer by Middleton City Clerk Trish Amble on November 6, 2008. Jessica is pictured receiving the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor from Chief Keil.

Jessica Quamme receives congratulations from Chief Brad Keil

Officer Stroik graduates from Academy

On August 28, 2008, Nicholas Stroik graduated from the Fox Valley Technical College 13 week Police Academy in Appleton. The Middleton Police Department is proud to announce that Officer Stroik finished as the top academic achiever of his class and a close second as the best shooter in the class. Chief Keil and Lt. Kakuske attended the graduation ceremony representing the department. Officer Stroik was also joined by family members. Pictured below are Officer Stroik and Chief Keil.

Officer Stroik and Chief Brad Keil

Nick Stroik joins the Middleton Police Department

City Clerk  Trish Amble swears in new officer Nick Stroik

On May 28, 2008 Nicholas Stroik joined the Middleton Police Department. Nick grew up in Cudahay, WI and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Chris joined the United States Marine Corp and served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005. Upon completing his Marine Corp obligation, Nick began employment as an IT consultant with Kerry Ingredients in Beloit, WI and worked there until his employment with Middleton PD.

Nick currently lives in Janesville with his wife Kelly who is a teacher and his 1 year old son Carter.

Nick will be attending the 13 week Police Academy at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI, then will begin the approximately 4 month Field Training Program.

Nick is pictured with City Clerk Trish Amble being sworn in as a Middleton Police Officer. Nick also recited the Police Officer Oath of Honor and received an Oath of Honor plaque from Chief Keil. The ceremony was attended by Nick's wife, son, parents, relatives, police employees, city employees and elected officials.

2008 Middleton Police Department Awards


5 years: Dan Jones ( 8/19/2002), Jeremy Geiszler ( 11/11/2002 and Tom Wilson ( 2/26/2003).
10 years: Wendy McKnight ( 9/8/1997). Dave Haselow ( 12/10/1997) and Rich O’Connor ( 2/2/1998).
20 Years: Rob Engelhart ( 4/4/1988).
25 years: Jeff Winer ( 8/2/1982) and Craig Faga ( 9/1/1982).



Mayor Sonnentag presents Sgt Mueller Outstanding Service Award



Sergeant Don Mueller: Middleton Police Department Sergeant Don Mueller was the recipient of the 2007 Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Safety “Director’s Award” for outstanding efforts in traffic policing and traffic safety. The award was presented to Sergeant Mueller by Superintendent Dave Collins of the Wisconsin State Patrol and Major Dan Lonsdorf, the Director of the Bureau of Transportation Safety, at the 2007 Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety in Stevens Point. As a recipient of this award, Sergeant Mueller was sent by WI DOT to the National Life Saver Conference in Portland, Oregon in April.

Sergeant Mueller has been a member of the Middleton Police Department since 1975. He has devoted much of his career to the area of traffic enforcement and safety and is an asset to the department and the community.




Mayor Sonnentag presents Officer Ash Outstanding Service Award


Officer Michael Ash: Mike has been a member of the Middleton Police Department since February 1, 1987. Mike has been involved in community activities, volunteering his time to Middleton EMS in years past. Mike is a CPR trainer and has trained and re-certified Middleton police officers and employees in CPR and is currently re-certifying the entire department in the new method of CPR which consists primarily of chest compressions.

Mike has always made traffic safety and traffic enforcement a personal priority. In the last 5 years, Mike has made 105 Operating While Intoxicated arrests, all the more significant given the fact that he works the 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM shift, when traditionally there are not a lot of intoxicated drivers arrested. In 2007, Mike almost doubled the amount of traffic citations and warnings he issued compared to other officers. While Middleton officers are encouraged to be well rounded in their policing activities, Mike’s dedication to traffic safety is to be commended.





Dispatcher Sue Buechner: Sue has been a Middleton police dispatcher since March 8, 2005. Sue came to us with previous dispatch experience at the Dane County 911 Center, Rock County 911 Center and in Illinois. Sue is very competent at the core responsibilities that any dispatcher has, but receives praise from the officers she works with by going the extra mile to find information for them and keeping them safe. Sue is proficient at using the varied data bases at her disposal to learn the identity of a suspect, type of vehicle they operate, addresses, work places, and associates.

Sue’s skills were put to the test on July 4, 2007 at 10:36 PM. Middleton police dispatch center received a cellular 911 call from the passenger of a vehicle which had plunged at least 75 feet over a ledge at a nearby quarry. The caller reported several people were trapped in the vehicle and were seriously injured. Dispatcher Buechner was able to use GPS technology to determine where the accident occurred, calmed and reassured the caller, and extracted information from the caller so that police, firefighters, and paramedics could find the exact location of the accident. Although one person died in the accident, Dispatcher Buechner’s actions were critical in getting aid to the other injured passengers.







Middleton Police Training Team; Sergeants Troy Hellenbrand, Steve Britt and Darrin Zimmerman, Detective Craig Faga, Officers Greg Dixon, David Kasdorf, Rich O’Connor, Jeremy Geiszler and retired Sergeant Dave Kromm:

State law mandates that every police officer in Wisconsin receive 24 hours of training a year (although most Middleton officers receive in excess of the minimum). Core areas of training are firearms, defense and arrest tactics, vehicle contacts and emergency vehicle operation. The above named officers have received extensive training on how to instruct officers in these areas, typically conducted in in-service sessions every quarter. Several years ago, Middleton police combined efforts with Sun Prairie and Fitchburg police departments to provide in-service training for their officers. The Middleton training team has consistently led the way

in providing innovative, evolving and timely training to the officers. These training officers work long hours, often in unpleasant conditions with no benefits other than the self-satisfaction they receive for their role in working with well trained officers and the knowledge that they are keeping the officers and the community they serve safe.

Training Team  - From left to right - Mayor Sonnentag, Chief Keil, Detective Faga, Sgt Zimmerman, Sgt Kromm, Officer Kasdorf, Sgt Britt




Sergeant Darrin Zimmerman: On February 8, 2008, Chief Keil announced the promotion of Darrin Zimmerman to Sergeant. Darrin is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. He has been with the department for 8 years, as a patrol officer, DARE officer, police school liaison officer and detective. Darrin and his wife Janelle, also a police department employee, live in Middleton with their two children.

Communication Center Supervisor Wendy McKnight: On April 6, Chief Keil announced the promotion of Dispatcher Wendy McKnight to the newly created position of Communication Center Supervisor. Wendy is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She has been with the department since 1997. Wendy and her husband Kevin, a former Middleton police dispatcher and current Dane County Deputy, live in Dane County with their 2 daughters.




Mayor Sonnentag present Van Nutt with the Middleton Good Neighbor Award





Van Nutt: Van is the very successful Executive Director of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s mission is to promote a strong economy and a high quality of life for the greater Middleton community. The City of Middleton, thanks in large part to efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, was recognized in 2007 by Money Magazine as America’s #1 Place to Live.

Van is an enthusiastic supporter of all things Middleton, including the police department, making the point that safety and quality of life issues are key to making Middleton a good place to live. Van is a 2006 graduate of the Middleton Police Citizen Academy and a charter member of the board of directors of the Middleton Business Watch, a collaborative crime prevention and education effort between the business community and the police department.





Tony Peterson receives award from Mayor Sonnentag





Tony Peterson: Tony is a long time Middleton resident who recently retired after a distinguished 25 year career with the Madison Police Department. As a police Lieutenant, Tony always reached out to area departments and improved the working relationship between his agency and the Middleton Police Department. Tony has voluntarily participated in a number of interview panels for the Middleton Police Department for dispatcher, dispatcher supervisor, police officer and police supervisors. Tony is a member of the Middleton Public Safety Committee.

The department would like to congratulate Tony on his successful career with the Madison Police Department and thank him for his contribution to our community.




Middleton Fire Department: The Middleton Fire Department fills many roles, traditional and a bit non-traditional, which are very helpful to the police department. On three occasions this year, the police department has requested assistance from the fire department in locating missing people.

These cases included a suicidal woman believed to be in the Nature Preserve, a man visiting relatives from out of town who left the residence in inclement weather without the proper clothing on, and an elderly woman suffering dementia who also left in inclement weather without warm clothes. In each case the fire department responded with a full turnout and began a grid search, on foot and ATV, using computers with GPS technology to map areas that had been covered and those where searches needed to be completed.

In each case the missing person was located. The police department wishes to recognize the efforts of the fire department in this area and other areas of mutual concern.

Members of the Middleton Fire Department with Mayor Sonnentag and Chief Keil




Officer Sherry receives life saving award from Mayor Sonnentag



Dispatcher Tim Hoeksema, Officers Travis Kakuske, Rick Wipperfurth and Matt Sherry: On May 02, 2007 at 3:29:22 am Dispatcher Hoeksema received a 911 call in reference to a 69 year old male with no pulse and not breathing at a residence in the 6400 block of Elmwood Ave. He immediately activated the alert tones at 3:29:28 am. He was clear and concise with the information and dispatched the officers immediately allowing an extremely fast response time.

Officer Wipperfurth was first on scene arriving at 3:30:51 am and verified PNB status at 3:31:40 am. Officer Kakuske arrived at 3:31:40 am and Officer Sherry arrived at 3:31:57 am and assisted Officer Wipperfurth with administrating CPR and one AED shock prior to paramedic’s arrival at 3:35:52 am. The patient was transported to the UW hospital and recovered from his medical condition.



Preschoolers meet Indy, one of Dane County's K-9s

On March 3, 2008 Sgt. Darrin Zimmerman of the Middleton Police Department, Deputy Keith Kelly of the Dane County Sheriff's Office and his K-9 Indy, visited the Little Red Preschool in Middleton to talk to the students about police officers and police k-9s. The children were thrilled with the experience.

Sgt Zimmerman explains police work to the students
Deputy Kelly answers questions about Indy
Deputy Kelly, Indy and Sgt Zimmerman with the students Sgt Zimmerman and the Little Red Preschool Students


Detective Zimmerman Promoted to Sergeant

New Sergeant Darrin Zimmerman congratulated by Chief Keil


On February 8, 2008, Chief Brad Keil announced the promotion of Darrin Zimmerman to Sergeant. Sergeant Zimmerman will replace Dave Kromm, who retired after 22 years of service to the residents of Middleton.

Officers applying for the position of Sergeant participated in an internal promotional rating, written test, oral interview and assessment center. The Middleton Police Commission certified 3 officers and Chief Keil appointed Sgt. Zimmerman.

Sgt. Zimmerman is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. He has been with the department for 8 years, as a patrol officer DARE officer, police school liaison officer and detective. Sgt. Zimmerman and his wife Janelle, also a police department employee, live in Middleton with their two children.

Sgt. Zimmerman will be assigned to split shift, 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM and 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

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